Video Demonstrations of Key CONTROL® Features and Functions

The CONTROL® Difference


Business software doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be powerful.

View our demonstration videos to learn more about how CONTROL® increases productivity and enables you to plan, model, analyze and report faster and easier than you ever thought possible.



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 CONTROL® Overview

An introduction to using CONTROL®, and how easy and familiar it is to anyone who’s ever used Microsoft® Excel®.


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Budgeting Overview

CONTROL® makes short work of creating ‘bottom-up’ or ‘top-down’ budgets, whatever the level of granularity required.


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Forecasting Overview

Take a look at how CONTROL® allows users to create financial forecasts quickly, reliably, and with greater precision.



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Reporting With CONTROL®

See how the deep and rich reporting functionality of CONTROL® allows you to produce and disseminate a broad variety of reports.


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CONTROL® integrates with Microsoft Power BI to produce amazing dynamic visualizations that tell the story of your data.


See CONTROL® In Action