CONTROL® In The Cloud

100% Managed Hosted Solution (IaaS)

A fully managed & hosted CONTROL® deployment

In partnership with Microsoft®, KCI Computing can run your CONTROL® application in the Azure® cloud, eliminating the need for on-premise servers and IT expertise.

Outsourcing your CONTROL® installation, administration, and management to us provides a range of benefits:

Cost effective

  • No CONTROL®-related hardware, infrastructure or overhead
  • No IT maintenance burden
  • No disaster recovery site maintenance costs

Time savings

  • All CONTROL® software releases are managed by KCI, minimizing the dependency on internal IT staff -related hardware, infrastructure or overhead
  • All software components (Windows, Excel, SQL Server, others) are kept up to date with the latest security and application updates
  • All technical and configuration issues are managed for you, to ensure optimal performance
  • Computing, storage, and network capacity are monitored and increased as needed with little to no delay
  • All back-up and recovery managed for you

World-class governance

  • Rigorous policies and practices for threat-mitigation, virus and malware protection, patch control and security administration
  • Automatic redundancy and availability

Consistent user experience

  • Reliable access and performance across all locations anytime and anywhere - workplaces, home office, or on the road
  • All the CONTROL® features you know and expect, with the most up to date versions of software
  • 99.95% up-time

Transparent pricing

The CONTROL® infrastructure is configured in the cloud to duplicate what you have in place today (number of instances, storage capacity, availability etc.).

Pricing is calculated as a flat monthly fee, by the number of "named" users. Our tiered pricing provides substantial per-user rate discount as the number of users increase.

Each user can access CONTROL® on any device – laptop, desktop, iPad® tablet, or smartphone.

*conditions apply, contact us for details.

CONTROL® Administrator service

As an option, cloud-hosted clients can subscribe to our CONTROL® Administrator service. CONTROL® Administrator gives you access to KCI CONTROL® application specialists who will perform application management tasks for you.

Looking for help for integrating and reconciliation of external and model data, scenario management, or publishing reports? Have a more complex application need, such as creating new models, redefining or adding new data sources? Whatever the requirement, our CONTROL® Administrator service has you covered.

*conditions apply, contact us for details.

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