Browser-based interface

Powerful CONTROL® features - in a browser

It’s pretty much impossible to efficiently and effectively manage a growing business without data-based insights. The challenge for organizations of all sizes lies in the management of the data firehose to deliver tangible and workable models upon which individuals and departments can act.

As more and more of the enterprise comes to rely upon data-driven decision making, functions such as reporting and ‘what if’ modeling are no longer confined to specific analysts within the finance department.

Stop wasting time & resources

Consider the time your finance and/or IT teams waste in building, updating, and distributing reports to analysts, managers, and executives. Then add the time and energy spent in responding to the inevitable questions, critiques, and requests for detail.

What’s needed is a portable, easy-to-use solution powered by your existing CONTROL® - based finance system. A way for less-experienced or occasional users to perform a range of financial queries, reports, and analyses without the training and management overhead of either a dedicated installation, or additional user licenses.

Introducing CONTROL® Web

CONTROL® Web delivers the entire universe of financial reporting from the convenience of a web browser.

Providing an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface that delivers up-to-date information in a variety of analytical formats, CONTROL® Web allows users to navigate, rotate, drill down, and see supporting source data from operational and accounting applications.

Best of all – there is virtually no additional effort or cost to deliver views created in the full CONTROL® application.


  • Intuitive navigation, customizable for every user so there is no training and no learning curve
  • Industrial strength security ensures that no one can see or change anything they shouldn’t
  • Everything is up to date, consistent, and correct, so time isn't wasted on wondering who has the right version
  • Complete self-service access to not only financial and operational data, but to explanatory comments and supporting details so managers know the “what” and the “why”
  • Dynamic and extensible content so, as your business evolves, no additional effort is required to ensure each user sees the full picture

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Focus your resources on better analysis and insights for your business rather than the logistics of distributing reports with CONTROL® Web