Helping to make the work of a corporation’s finance team easier, more satisfying and of greater value to their organization.


CONTROL® Enterprise Performance Management Software, from KCI

Financial forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytics are just the tip of the iceberg.

Having to use a myriad of different applications to generate such data often complicates the process - and adds more work. Creating projections and validating assumptions can take hours - if not days.
Personnel are forced into learning dedicated software interfaces, rather than with what they're most familiar: Microsoft® Excel®.

financial forecasting software screenshot

CONTROL® Is Different.


CONTROL® gives you complete visibility into your current business processes, while putting the capabilities of building or extending existing applications into the hands of anyone who knows how to build an Excel® spreadsheet. It's that simple.

KCI CONTROL interface in Excel

Application and Cloud-Based Flexibility

Recognizing no two businesses operate the same, CONTROL® offers a variety of application, performance, and deployment options.

As well as on-premise installation, CONTROL® supports a 100% cloud-based proposition using Microsoft Azure®. This allows organizations to outsource hardware and/or software infrastructure and administration as required.

Flex Views streamlines budget/forecast collection and analysis. Power BI integration creates stunning data visualizations in seconds.

For casual users, CONTROL® even exists as a web service. Using a standard web browser, CONTROL® Web supports most popular data navigation capabilities such as paging, rotation, and drilling.


An Enterprise-Scale Platform

CONTROL® doesn't just handle any number of models, dimensions, and users. It provides a comprehensive visualization of how all the parts fit together.

How data flows from within your application, as well as from external sources.

Any user can easily navigate and understand the architecture. The system never becomes an impenetrable "black box" that only IT admins are able to manage.


Reaching New Levels Of Insight


Powerful yet user-friendly, CONTROL® simplifies performance management forecasting, planning, and budgeting by putting everything under a single application. All in realtime, without a single line of programming.

iMac showing financial modelling application

You Already Know How To Use It

Based in a familiar Excel environment budgeting, forecasting, modelling, reporting and analysis has never been easier - or faster.

A Single Go-To Application For Report Generation

Stop using multiple, disparate applications to generate each type of report. CONTROL® puts everything under a single, easy-to-use application layer.

All The Tools You Need

An extensive library of predictive analytics,mathematical, statistical, financial, and algebraic functions are built-in. Any formula can be created using a point-and-click wizard. Programming is never required.

"CONTROL® enabled us to move from a team that analysed past performance to a team that analysed and improved future performance."

Jeremy Blackmore

Fletcher Building Limited, New Zealand


Feature Highlights

Real-time consolidations across any number of dimensions (Business areas, locations, products, customers, markets, etc.)

Built in ability to automatically incorporate data from multiple sources with inherent drill back to underlying details.
Unlimited number of scenarios and side-by-side comparisons and charting.
Dynamic pivot, slice & dice, compress, expand, rotate, nest, stack and graphing.

Automatic ability to solve across members of multiple dimensions when a target total is declared.

On-the-spot Currency Translation and Rate scenario management.
Intrinsic Workflow spanning both submit and approve and large scale repetitive processes.
Single point administration with automatic ripple of any change across the application.
Inherent offline data entry capability.