Flex Views

Realtime linking to financial and operational data

Say goodbye to versioning & outdated documents

How many critical spreadsheets are there circulating in your company? Hundreds? Thousands? More?

Are you using Excel workbooks for analyses, management reviews, board reports, budget templates, reconciliations?

How much time and effort goes into updating those workbooks with current data? Adjusting for new products, accounts, or departments? Distributing the latest copy to everyone who needs it?

Do you know how many versions there are of any given workbook - on individual computers, network drives, in the cloud or buried in e-mail folders? Are they all current? Are they consistent?

If your organization is anything like many modern businesses, the answers to these questions range from “lots and lots” to “I haven’t the slightest idea”.

Tackle a big piece of the problem

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous and they aren’t going away any time soon. They are too functional and useful for an enormous range of requirements, and everyone knows how to build, update, and understand them.

CONTROL®’s Flex Views treat Excel as a window into a universe of financial and operational information - a window whose information is up to date, secure, consistent, and organized.

With appropriate access, you can place any data or meta-data managed in CONTROL® into a worksheet and add Excel formulas, formatting, charts, links, and other content, and make it available to other users without creating endless copies.

And the beauty is that the next time you or anyone else opens that Flex View, all the CONTROL® content is automatically refreshed and adjusted to the latest and greatest (without any effort).

Your workbooks are no longer free-floating islands, but are anchored to consistent, correct, and current data.

What’s so special?

Flex Views are a standard feature of CONTROL®, available to every user. Some highlights:

  • Easy to construct - if you know how to copy and paste, use common Excel features, and know your business – you can build interesting Flex Views
  • Bidirectional – Flex Views not only allow you to create analyses and presentations but also collect information for budgets, forecasts, and strategic plans
  • Leverage existing IP – if you have spreadsheets you love, you can add the connection to CONTROL® information and don’t need to start over
  • A different approach – definition of the CONTROL® data is independent of cell formulas, so creating financial models is simple
  • Self-adjusting – your Flex Views can automatically reflect changes to products, accounts, or departments
  • Multi-user – Flex Views obey CONTROL®’s security rules, so a single flex view can be used by multiple department managers – each seeing their own data
  • Broad scope – you can mash-up data or commentary from multiple models and data sources
  • Navigable – you can select content on different “pages” and drill into detail, switch currency – so each Flex View can replace dozens of spreadsheets

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