Real-time aggregations & consolidations across any number of dimensions

(Business areas, locations, products, customers, markets, etc.)

  • Provides instant visibility to changes
  • Eliminates the frustration of dealing with "old data" or having to wait for data to get updated or consolidated
  • Accelerates the development of plans and forecasts
  • Supports the iterative nature of planning and forecasting
  • Faciliates high-participation planning up, down, and across the enterprise

Built-in ability to automatically incorporate data from multiple sources with inherent drill back to underlying details

  • Unites and keeps in sync metadata and data from different functional areas enabling strategic alignment
  • Eliminates manual uploads saving time and resources
  • Guarantees you are working with up-to-date financial and operational information
  • Fast-tracks the ability to understand the root cause of problems and act quickly to resolve
  • Promotes a culture of operational transparency and data-driven planning and decision making

Unlimited number of scenarios and side-by-side comparisons and charting

  • Enables quick and easy impact analysis and understanding of the effects on financial performance
  • Makes it easy to simulate long-term alternative strategies and contingent scenarios
  • Facilitates the stress testing of financial models
  • Improves front-line accuracy from the people closest to the activities being planned

Dynamic pivot, slice & dice, compress, expand, rotate, nest, stack, and graphing

  • Makes it easy to analyze data from multiple perspectives
  • Brings actionable insights to the surface
  • Fuels and facilitates data-driven decision making
  • Enables a culture of accountability and results

Ad-Hoc filtering, selections and reporting branches for “on-the-fly” consolidations and user defined reporting

  • Empowers all users to efficiently access, evaluate, comprehend, and act upon the most relevant information to them
  • Puts information at the users fingertips enabling razor-sharp focus
  • Enables users to author reports for unique/specialized informational needs without any IT involvement
  • Facilitates timely and smart decision making

Automatic ability to solve across members of the dimension when a target total is declared

  • Instantly and immediately updates an entire plan or forecast
  • Enables quick determination and assessment of the required levels of input to meet a target
  • Fast tracks the ability to implement top down adjustments and adapt to management directives
  • Facilitates smart and timely analysis and decision-making

On-the-spot Currency Translation accommodating any number of rates (period, average balance, etc.) and rate scenario management

  • Simplifies the measurement and understanding of FX exposure across a portfolio of businesses and time
  • Facilitates the assessment of the impact of movements in currency rates on financial results and cashflows
  • Enables the management of currency risks
  • Allows uncontrollable components to be easily removed from financial results
  • Ensures people in different countries see information in currencies they can relate to

Intrinsic Workflow spanning both submit and approve and large scale repetitive process

  • Provides efficient visibility into the status of the planning and forecasting cycles and the various contributors
  • Promotes completeness and timeliness
  • Enables real-time review, approve, or reject of plan and forecast contributions
  • Supports rapid feedback and improves communications
  • Ensures processes are executed in a disciplined, rigorous and repeatable manner

Single point administration with automatic ripple of any change

  • Expedites the ability to efficiently adapt to change (organizational, market, competitive, and regulatory)
  • Guarantees consistency and integrity
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reduces required staff

User owned and managed – minimal IT support

  • Reduces the demand and dependency on IT resources
  • Puts the application structure closer to the people that have the domain expertise
  • Empowers workers to focus on what is important and be more strategic
  • Promotes an analytical culture

Commentary & Hyperlinks

  • Simplifies the communication of the rationale and policies behind plans and forecasts
  • Provides context for the data
  • Facilitates collaboration
  • Aids analysis and enhances decision-making

Template-driven reports

  • Provides a variety of"look and feel" at your fingertips saving time and effort
  • Eliminates the proliferation of reports with same data and different formats
  • Facilitates consistency and uniformity of reporting formats
  • Spend less time on formatting - more time on analysis

Integrated financial calculation library using syntax similar to Microsoft® Excel®

  • Allows any business calculation to be easily modelled - the world is quite literally your oyster
  • Facilitates understanding of how measures are computed
  • Leverage the expertise and familiarity that exists within your staff

Out-of-the-box sophisticated time-series forecasting capabilities

  • Leverages the value of historical patterns and trends in forward looking estimates
  • Improves accuracy of inputs for production planning and staffing
  • Speeds-up the forecasting process
  • Puts the power of data analysis at your fingertips

Visual depiction of the application architecture

  • Provides an elegant and intuitive road map of the application
  • Empowers users to explore, understand and absorb roll-ups, interrelationships, interconnections and data flows
  • Supports the rapid development of models and time to value

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