Power BI® Integration

Amazing data visualizations made faster & easier

CONTROL® & Power BI: A match made in heaven

Delivering high quality visualizations of financial and operational data to executives, managers and analysts is a critical priority for every business.

The days of making a request to specialists, producing specs, and waiting for results are history. Today, such tasks are frequently satisfied by the finance team. Self-service business intelligence rules the day.

Over recent years the industry has seen the introduction of powerful, yet easy-to-use visualization tools. Microsoft’s Power BI® is a clear market leader in terms of features, popularity, cost, and user satisfaction.

But how do you get potentially complex and mission-critical financial data into the hands of the folks developing those visualizations, in a timely, well-structured, and secure way?

Supply the foundation

The CONTROL® to Power BI Integration lets you quickly and seamlessly turn well-structured financial data into Power BI models, including historical actuals, forecasts and budgets, and supporting transactional details.

You can leverage the carefully curated metadata, automatically define hierarchies, combine data from multiple applications sharing common dimensions, and even automate the entire process.

Add the sizzle without the sweat

Users love Power BI. It allows them to deliver visually-rich insights and understanding while giving them the satisfaction of saying “I built that”. The skills needed to produce great visualizations in Power BI are widespread and growing.

CONTROL® allows a Power BI model to be generated in minutes and is as easy as clicking a button.

CONTROL® allows you to:
  • Specify which CONTROL® model and view you want to export to Power BI. The process leverages your investment in dimensional architecture, data feeds, transformations, calculations, and filtering
  • Add other computational views from different applications which may share dimensions. Mashing-up financial, inventory, personnel, or any other data
  • Automate the refresh of your Power BI models with CONTROL® scripts integrated with your financial processes
  • Exploit special features, such as time intelligence calculation groups, to make the Power BI model even more valuable
  • Automatically include CONTROL®- defined hierarchies to make it easy for end-users to navigate visualizations.
CONTROL® to Power BI Integration allows organizations to:
  • Appreciate the consistency between your financial and business intelligence worlds
  • Shorten the time span from requirement to delivery so that answers are supplied when they’re needed
  • Allocate resources on developing business insights rather than 'herding bytes'
  • Position teams to grow and respond effectively as the business evolves and new demands arise
Best of all, Power BI integration is included as part of the standard CONTROL® feature set!

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