CONTROL® :  Enterprise Performance Management v2.0

Stop collecting and consolidating financial information based on cumbersome processes that are riddled with inconsistencies in data, definitions, or methodology. CONTROL® delivers enhanced reactivity and timeliness of stakeholder information.

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Today's Business Isn't Working

  • Increasing logistical issues in collecting and consolidating financial data.
  • Internal processes riddled with inconsistencies in data, definitions, and/or methodology.
  • Stakeholder information taking too long to generate - and is reactive rather than proactive.
  • Personnel are frustrated, overworked, and under-productive.

CONTROL® meets these challenges and delivers real-world value:

  • Enhanced responsiveness and timeliness of information generation.
  • Reduced maintenance and administration efforts - and costs.
  • Integrates into existing systems - a single window into your financial world.
  • New insights from expanding the frontiers of detail, scenario evaluation, and what were previously thought to be "impossible" applications.

Navigating The Maze

As technology continues to facilitate and automate business processes, more and more data is generated.

Today's challenge lies in implementing solutions that help you make sense of this data to enable faster, more relevant, more accurate business decisions.
CONTROL® provides not only a single source of truth but a single version of the truth. It enables everyone across an enterprise to speak the same data language — aligned metrics, dimensions and definitions, — have data driven conversations, collaborate better, adapt quicker and drive performance.


CONTROL® Overview


Strategic Planning/Budgeting

Turn Strategy into Collaborative, Accountable Action

Traditionally, budgeting has become a tiresome series of backwards-and-forwards iterations with constant changes and tweaks until a workable end result can be produced with little, if any, alignment to the reality of day-to-day business operations or analytics.

CONTROL® seamlessly connects strategic, financial and operational plans enabling a focus towards common targets that management teams and the entire organizations can get behind. It provides a single, shared meta data, rule definition and data repository and the flexibility to track, measure and refine plans dynamically.

Changes can be made on-the-fly, with results automatically consolidated in real time. Different stakeholders can even make changes at the same time, delivering a planning process that is more fluid, interactive and up-to-date than ever before.

Any number of models can be linked together irrespective of whether they share dimensions, the same level of detail or planning horizons. And any number of iterations are supported so various assumptions can be tried, implications understood, and results compared before making a decision. A rich workflow, along with unlimited commentary and security controls, helps you manage processes and maintain the integrity of the data.

Audit trail capabilities bolster the transparency. Simple menus allow information to be contributed in a step-by-step fashion by a high number of participants. Data can be entered at whatever level of detail, methodology and layout makes sense. And the built-in SOLVE and data transformation features make it a snap to make mass changes and top-down or bottom-up adjustments in a flash.

Multiple reports can be open at the same time, in the same workbook, allowing simultaneous review and update. With drag-and-drop ease you can present information the way you need to see it. Visualize the results with custom charts and create board-quality reports - all from within a single application.

With CONTROL® all enterprise planning activities are aligned within a single environment. The result is elevated collaboration, sharpened visibility, increased integrity, heightened accountabilities driving vastly improved results - all while reducing cycle times.

Modeling & Simulations


CONTROL® is powerful in its ability and elegant in its simplicity to model real-world drivers and the interrelationships of your business - however simple, or complex.

It provides the cohesive framework you need to see the full picture, question old assumptions, stimulate new thinking, and weigh the benefits, risks, and implications of various options to determine the best course of action.

Produce quick and accurate "what if?" or goal-seeking scenarios and compare each version side-by-side, from multiple perspectives. You have complete roll-up flexibility and extensive commentary capabilities, allowing you to create limitless planning permutations in just a few clicks.

An extensive library of mathematical, statistical, financial and algebraic functions and operators is built right in, to cover the entire spectrum of business modeling requirements. Formulas, both simple and complex, are defined using a point-and-click formula wizard, using a syntax very similar to spreadsheets.

Programming is never required. When it comes to business performance management, it’s never been easier to navigate the unknown, model different outcomes, deliver insights and quickly adapt.


Gauge The Future With Confidence

With CONTROL® as your forecasting software you never lose sight of interdependencies, nor compromise integrity. You have the transparency to continually evaluate measures, adapt to changing landscapes, maximize opportunities, and support strategy execution — all in real-time.

CONTROL® gives you the ability to dynamically integrate data from disparate source systems and the flexibility to iteratively and infinitely manipulate the data so you can confidently course correct and maximize emerging opportunities. It includes a powerful Data Transformation Wizard that makes it a snap to do complex operations across selections of data. Plus, it puts built-in advanced statistical forecasting techniques at your fingertips.

You can use all standard Microsoft® Excel® methods and functions for manual manipulation and modification of data such as copy/paste, drag-and-drop, and its built-in formula logic.

Adjusting forecasts against actuals - production, inventory, currency, personnel, whatever - takes seconds, giving you the instant accessibility and availability of relevant information. Users can easily select and filter data to include or exclude any time period - instantly.

When it comes to business performance management, it has never been so easy or straightforward to instill a culture of rolling forecasts and continuous planning.



CONTROL® is designed to provide maximum efficiency, flexibility, transparency and responsiveness. Users seamlessly move from budgeting to forecasting to reporting and analysis from a single interface, using the same centralized meta-data, data repository, and security model. They focus on analysis rather than compiling, to improve, differentiate, or re-shape the business.

Data is democratized with the freedom to access, explore and evaluate data and inter-relationships. Hidden issues and opportunities are uncovered without IT assistance, in a familiar Excel®-based environment. Views are created from any multidimensional perspective, interactively changing dimensions, aggregations, and granularity – right down to source-level transactional detail.

Powerful analysis capabilities are at your fingertips including a range of drill down options, drag-and-drop, exception highlighting, sorting, filtering, top count and bottom count. There is no need to re-key data, use "stale" imported information or waste time extracting, merging and synchronizing data from operational systems. Analysis is no longer obsolete by the time you share or report it.

It has never been so simple and quick to access information, hone-in on anomalies, and obtain insights to make knowledge-based decisions. Best of all, you don't need any specialized programming skills to extract the intelligence.



CONTROL® makes the complex simple to accomplish - rolling up data across any number of entities, products, cost centers, or accounts. The dimensionality is unlimited, the consolidation is dynamic, and the rollups can occur at multiple levels and accommodate alternative standards, such as GAAP or IFRS.

Many currencies? No problem. CONTROL® allows all entities to collect and report in their own functional currency, while dynamically consolidating in any currency, using rates that can be specified by organization, accounting period, account type, and scenario.

Even balance sheet translations are a snap using rates specific to an entity and account or account group.

CONTROL® provides a robust mechanism for dealing with intercompany transactions and eliminations. Transactions to and from an entity can be translated into a common currency and balanced, posted to an intercompany account, and any imbalances reported and suspensed.

If you have multiple ledgers with different charts of accounts, it is easy to map to a consistent chart of accounts for consolidation. CONTROL® allows you to drill back to the originally submitted data.

The consolidated information can serve a nearly unlimited array of reports – for operational management, statutory requirements, or board presentations.