CONTROL® Integration with Microsoft’s Power BI Data Visualization Tools

With the launch of Version 10.2, we’re bringing the powerful interactive data visualization tools of Microsoft’s Power BI to every CONTROL® user.

The Power BI suite of business analytics tools allow anyone to easily create and share fabulous interactive graphic presentations on a broad range of data sources.

The visualizations are simple to create, intuitive to use, and provide superb insights into complex data. The combination of in-depth business data from CONTROL® with the beautiful platform-independent reporting features of Power BI results in a formidable data presentation platform for executives at every level.

The PowerBI / CONTROL® Value Proposition

CONTROL® users make a significant investment in creating, organizing, and managing both historical (actual) data and prospective (forecast and budget) data. It is clean, consistent, and rigorously computed. In a word, the mined data represents a significant asset.

Microsoft Excel®-based reporting, charting, and analytics can – and does – work well for serious financial analysts. However there are many executives and managers who, without such in-depth data familiarity, are more comfortable with graphical data representations. Presenting information in a visually-rich reporting format can help in the comprehension and understanding of complex financial insights, helping to provide a way to leverage and reap the rewards of that investment.

Any CONTROL® user can take advantage of the speed and low cost of building even complex models. The task of integrating data from various sources is greatly simplified. Coupled with the impressive automation, documentation, and maintenance capabilities of CONTROL®, organizations of any size now have a powerful, fully-featured data and analytics platform to address the business challenges of today – and the future.

We have minimized the need for learning different technologies, infrastructure set up, and IT support to get you to incredible visualizations quickly and at minimal cost. The greatest payback is in the value of the analysis of the operation of your business.

How does it work?

KCI Control financial software interface screenshot in an Apple iMac

Any data you can view in CONTROL® can be used as a source for a Power Pivot Model – a computational view with any currency, detail, or even custom dimensions; a source data model, or a simple data source. Either select what you want and tweak a few options, or just leave the default settings and you’ve done the hard work.

Exporting the model is as simple as clicking a button in the Excel ribbon interface, selecting an option on your application menu, or including the export as part of a script. CONTROL® creates relational tables or views that are in an ideal format to be used by Power BI, as well as a number of other popular third-party BI and reporting systems.

You can use Microsoft’s Power BI desktop tool to author visualizations, or the equally capable web-based version. Once created, the visualization can be easily published to your company server, intranet, or to the cloud. Anyone granted access can view and interact with the visualization from their PC, laptop, or mobile device.

For customers who have implemented Microsoft’s Analysis Services Tabular database server, CONTROL® can automatically create an AS model, adopting CONTROL®-specified rules for formatting and drilling. These AS models can be used in Excel (even for users without a CONTROL® license), Power BI, Reporting Services, and other popular tools, making CONTROL® another valuable component of an enterprise-wide reporting and BI strategy.

What’s so great?

While business intelligence tools have been available for years, we feel that combining CONTROL® offers a fantastic opportunity:

  • Microsoft “got it right” – the tools are powerful and easy to use.
  • There’s a natural fit between CONTROL® architecture and Power BI models.
  • CONTROL® handles all the heavy lifting to make your data accessible – no IT support, no massive projects, no waiting weeks or months.
  • It is virtually free – no additional CONTROL® licensing, minimal Microsoft costs.
  • You can deliver to virtually anyone, anywhere, regardless of platform, software, or operating system.
  • You can implement the system at your own pace – start small and grow.

Let us show you how easy it is to get amazing insights into your business.