Habla / Parlez Vous / Bы говорите CONTROL®?

Some of the world’s most successful companies have used CONTROL® for years. Over that time we’ve continually added and refined a host of features, but one element has always stayed the same: the user interface language.

Until now.

Users have always had menus, options, and descriptions in English. With version 10.2, we now support any language, even multiple languages, within the same application.

Encouraged by partners in other countries, as well as global customers whose users prefer working in their native language, we’ve enhanced CONTROL® to support the user’s preferred language.

End-users see the translated text in the three most commonly used interface components:

CONTROL® Navigator and Sheet ribbons

CONTROL multilingual interface

CONTROL® Object Navigation task pane

CONTROL multi-lingual interface example

CONTROL® Object properties and descriptions

CONTROL multi-lingual interface sample
We’re using Microsoft’s Bing translator to initialize the translated text to provide a good foundation. Early feedback indicates 80% accuracy in the initial translations. Data sources within CONTROL® store both the English and translated text. The text in Excel can be easily edited to refine the translation, or accommodate regional dialects.
CONTROL multi-lingual interface setting
In addition, CONTROL® supports any character set by using industry standard Unicode representations for both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle clients.

Now you can tailor the text to be clear and concise, so your users can work more comfortably with their preferred language.

Please contact us to learn more about supporting your customers throughout the world.