CONTROL® v10.0: Release Notes

CONTROL version 10.0 represents a significant step forward in delivering our vision of a broad and deep platform for the development and management of financial applications.

The key element of that vision is that high value applications are created by end-users who understand business requirements and have the insights into how to build systems to meet those needs.

To serve those users, we believe we must deliver a product which:

  • Makes it simple for financial users to build models, integrate data, and create and deliver reports and analyses
  • Integrates seamlessly with their most commonly used productivity tool – Microsoft Excel
  • Shortens development times, reduces costs, and allows for risk-free experimentation
  • Delivers the transparency necessary for users to easily grasp the interconnections between components of complex applications
  • Opens the door to integration with a wide array of critical data sources, from ERP systems, data warehouses, external sources, and custom applications
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of tools to administer, automate, and manage a large scale application suite with minimal effort

Version 10.0 continues to deliver CONTROL®’s traditional power and flexibility with a significant change to the user interface for the administrator. While the basic concepts continue from version 9.2, the mechanism for navigating and interacting is streamlined, simplified, and more completely integrated into Excel.

There are several important changes and enhancements for the Information Navigator user as well. However all existing client applications should continue to run without modification, and end-users will not see a disruption to their current processes.

Version 10.0 marks a major change in CONTROL®’s underlying technology, and will serve as the foundation for the evolution and enhancement of the product in the future.

Click to download CONTROL v10.0 release notes

Click here to download CONTROL® v10.0 release notes (7.0MB).