CONTROL® v10.1: Release Notes

This release wraps up the version 10 effort by completing support for CONTROL® users running the Oracle relational database.

In addition, a number of enhancements have been included based on feedback from version 10 users. These enhancements fall mainly into the category of refinement of the features that facilitate fast creation and simple maintenance of applications.

The most significant enhancement is the direct support of Excel Content datasources, which allows you to directly map from tables, named ranges, and ad hoc ranges in Excel workbooks – skipping the creation of intermediate .csv files saving time and steps.

Excel 2016 is fully supported and a number of issues were found and improved related to using CONTROL® with Excel 2013 and 2016.

In addition, version 10.1 incorporates numerous improvements in performance, packaging, and user experience with large scale applications.

Click to download CONTROL v10.1 release notes

Click here to download CONTROL® v10.1 release notes (715KB).