CONTROL® v10.3: Release Notes

We are delighted to announce the availability of a new release of CONTROL®.

CONTROL® 10.3 marks the latest effort in our commitment to put more capabilities and flexibility at your fingertips. It empowers you to access and manipulate information for any purpose imaginable – all while maintaining the security, data integrity, reliability and scope of applications that are the hallmark of CONTROL®.

With Flex Views, you can build reports, ad hoc analyses, mashups, and detailed budgeting templates by just opening Views and using copy/paste and other familiar Excel functions. When your data changes, your Flex View will reflect those changes – and you still get all the great CONTROL® features like Solve, currency translation, page selection, and drill to source.

CONTROL v10.3 Flex Views screenshot

Customers who previewed Flex Views were very enthusiastic. They noted that Flex Views can replace scratchpads, CONTROL® Reference Functions, and applications which transfer CONTROL® data to and from other Excel workbooks.

Concurrently, we are releasing CONTROL® Mobile – a native iPad application. With CONTROL® Mobile you can access your existing Views, select pages, rotate, drill to source – basically anything you can do with a Reporter license, all with familiar tap, press, and swipe gestures. This is an ideal option for executives, managers, and analysts who need to have up to date access to financial information anywhere, anytime. There is no additional work to make your existing Views accessible on the iPad and no licensing cost for current users.

CONTROL Mobile for Apple iOS screenshot

Other new features include:

  • The ability to include and navigate commentary within Views with analytic custom dimensions in the same way as data so you readily have the complete story;
  • A new “drill data” option (that complements the previous drill options) lets you explore any subset of a view making it easier to get trusted insights – fast;
  • Smart restore allows you to adopt new applications from other sources within and outside of your organization, while leveraging your own chart of accounts, product, or organization structures accelerating the time to value;
  • A new user navigation task pane and object browser makes it easier and faster for you to navigate complex CONTROL® applications.

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Click here to download CONTROL® v10.3 release notes (3.3MB).

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Click here to download v10.3 Flex Views release notes (2MB).