CONTROL® v10.6: Release Notes

This release takes CONTROL® to its next stage of evolution by embracing new technologies that expand the scope of capability and performance.

CONTROL® 10.6 is primarily focused on integrating two powerful technologies that are part of the Microsoft business intelligence architecture. Both are robust, proven, and widely adopted.

The first is the innovation at the heart of Power BI and the SQL Server Analysis Services (AS) tabular model – the Vertipaq database engine. In 10.5 and earlier, CONTROL® could create models in AS for use in Power BI visualizations. Starting in 10.6, the information in AS and Power BI premium can be used in CONTROL® views and mappings in read-only applications.

The second is Microsoft’s marvelous product for accessing and manipulating source data – Power Query. With CONTROL®’s new Power Query data sources, you can leverage a huge range of source data both within your company and on the web, and easily transform it for use as meta-data or data in CONTROL®.

We also continue to add features available through CONTROL® Web and refine the Power BI integration which has proven to be of interest to a number of customers.

There are numerous enhancements focused on improving user experience, responding to client requests, performance improvements, and streamlining administration and maintenance.

CONTROL® v10.6 Release Notes download

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Analysis Services Integration

Release Notes
Analysis Services Integration documentation
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Power Query Integration

Release Notes
Power Query Integration documentation
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