CONTROL® v10.5: Release Notes

CONTROL® 10.5 is a short-cycle release that is focused on enhancing three product capabilities, which are proving very popular with our clients:
  • Flex Views – for budget and forecast collection, management reviews, and analyses
  • Power BI – for great visualizations
  • Rule-based forecasting – for improving the speed, accuracy and workload of this critical function

In addition, there is a technology component in this release that we believe will be very important to our clients in the future. CONTROL® now connects directly to Microsoft Analysis Services models, created by CONTROL® or outside of CONTROL® and lets you configure and save pivot tables and chart style views in your centrally managed database.

Also available with this release, the CONTROL® Web product supports a streamlined version of view design, allowing browser users to customize and save reports.

CONTROL® v10.5 Release Notes download
Click here to download CONTROL® v10.5 release notes (3.5MB).


Release Notes
CONTROL Web documentation
Click here to download CONTROL® Web v10.5 release notes (3.2MB).

Power BI Integration

Release Notes
Power BI documentation
Click here to download Power BI Integration v10.5 release notes (8.4MB).

Flex Views

Release Notes
Flex Views documentation
Click here to download Flex Views v10.5 release notes (8.6MB).